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Is there a way to get pre-processed C/Objective-C code? I have some files I acquired and would like to see the code produced by some #defines.

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On the command line, gcc -E foo.m will show you the preprocessed output (just as it does for normal C/C++ files). Of course, this will also expand any #include or #import statements you may have in your code.

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From within Xcode:

  • Xcode 3: Select the file, then Build → Preprocess.
  • Xcode 4: Select the file, then Product → Generate Output → Generate Preprocessed File.
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Just a note - When you generate the preprocessed file this way, there is a whole lot of other code from the files that were #imported. The file you really want to see is at the very bottom of the output. –  qegal Sep 30 '12 at 18:53

Use the -E command-line argument to gcc or clang. This is documented as: “Preprocess only; do not compile, assemble or link” and indeed it outputs the preprocessed version to stdout.

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In Xcode 5: Select the .m file, then Product -> Perform Action -> Preprocess ".m"

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