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I would like to play with atmosphere-spade-server.jar + pubsub.war. First of I have maven installed, but to be honest Maven is kind of new to me. Could please someone please explain me how to use it correctly.

What I have tried

  1. Download atmosphere-spade-server + pubsub.war from there site.
  2. java -jar atmosphere-spade-server-0.6.0-20100329.142039-1.jar -a atmosphere-pubsub.war
  3. curl http://localhost:8080/atmosphere-pubsub/myAtmosphereTopic

    <html><body><h1>Resource Not> Found</h1></body></html>

I would just have a guided tour of how to use Atmosphere.

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See this discussion on the topic. The Atmosphere repository for download is now with Sonatype. Grab the latest version there.

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