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I am able to render a google map on a flex canvas. I create the map using the code below and then place markers on it in the onMapReady method (not shown)

var map:com.google.maps.Map=new com.google.maps.Map();
map.key="bla bla";

It all works fine. However, if I remove the map and then set _mapCanvas to null, then run exactly the same code again, the onMapReady event does not fire. It is weird, but once a map has been created and deleted, the onMapReady event never seems to fire again.

Anyone got any ideas?


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I still don't know why this was happening, but I worked around the issue by creating the map as an application-level variable, only instantiating it once, and then adding and removing it from canvases as required. Not ideal, but at least I can now display and remove a map dynamically, even if it exists in memory between invocations.

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