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I am wondering what these greens things are in Visual Studio 2010. What are they for? They look pretty random but of course they have to have some meaning. Can any one tell me?

At first glance they don't mean any thing to me.

Picture 1:

Image 1

Picture 2:

Image 2


They show saved changed content during the document open. Once you close the document they disappear.

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They show lines that you have changed.

See here for more details and a table showing what the different colours mean:

| Marker    |     Different from           |    Different from file  |
|  colour   |       file saved on disk?    |      that was opened?   |
| Nothing   |        No                    |       No                |
| Yellow    |        Yes                   |       Yes               |
| Green     |        No                    |       Yes               |
| Orange    |        Yes                   |       No                |
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More than I was expecting. Thanks for the link. It is pretty useful. – Tarik May 12 '10 at 23:06
"Different from file that was opened" should be "modified since file was opened". Also I wish that they had a mouse-over explaining this. – Jason Axelson Jan 9 '13 at 4:49
+1 for a tooltip explaining what the colored bands mean. Totally predictable that a lot of people would have no clue what the colors mean, especially green which is unusual to say the least. – jarmod Mar 30 '13 at 17:59

Yellow - source code that has been changed since you opened the file, and that hasn't been saved.

Green - source code that has been changed since you opened the file, and that has been saved.

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Start out blank.

Make a change = Yellow.

Save the change = Green.

Undo = Orange.

Change the line again = Yellow.

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This is edited lines of text after last save


Lines of code edited by Edit->Advanced->Format Document. It formats code (spaces, line breaks, etc) corresponding VS settings for current file's language

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Those indicate where the source code has been changed.

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In addition to other answers, please note that there is blue instead of orange in dark themes:

Light themes

enter image description here

Dark themes

(orange color is represented as light blue)

enter image description here


Using Visual Studio Color Theme Editor plugin from the Microsoft, you can focus on the following 3 items:

enter image description here

The same plugin is available also for more recent versions of Visual Studio, for example
Visual Studio 2015 Color Theme Editor.

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