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I'm pulling a lot of text from a MS SQL Server database. I'm not getting all the text (which includes some html. The text is stored perfectly on the database. However, when I run the query to get the data It will only pull part of the text.

I pull the data using odbc_exec and store using $variable = odbc_result($runquery,"body").

if i display the content with odbc_result_all($runquery) i get part of the content.

if I use echo $body; i get part of the content then some garbage and part of the text from the begining. very strange response.

Is there a size limit? Any ideas what I'm missing here?

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Have you checked exactly how much you are getting? My guess is that it's either 4KB or 8KB.

Also, what is the column type? TEXT, varchar(max), ?

Probably the first thing I would do is download the latest MDAC. You might want to check this page out.

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turns out the php was limiting how much memory was allocated to each variable. –  dcp3450 May 24 '10 at 18:01

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