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Apart from http://developer.android.com/guide/appendix/g-app-intents.html (which is quite good but fairly limited in the number of apps/uri's it covers) I've been unable to find a decent reference source for looking up URI's to use when integrating with google apps.

I'm currently working on triggering the "add new contact" UI, and have found that the tel: uri pattern seems to work, but what if I only have a name and an email?

I wouldn't have expected I'd need to rely on sample code / trial and error, but I really can't see anywhere where the intent/URI interface is supposed to be documented in android apps.

Does such a standard exist?
Is there some quasi standard / user database that I can consult?

On a platform with such a good inter-interoperability architecture it just seems like something so useful I can't believe it's not there

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It isn't definite either yet, but open intents is working towards this.

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