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I want execute below callback()method after completion of process document.getElementById('btnDownload').click(); method. click() is the code behind method. That means, I mean after complete process of click() then excute callback() method.

Because my modelpop is not hiding in code behind. So I want hide in javascript method.

function LoadPopup() { 
    //  find the popup behavior 
    this._popup = $find('mdlPopup'); 
    // show the popup; 

    // synchronously run the server side validation ... 

 function callback() { 
    this._popup = $find('mdlPopup'); 
    //  hide the popup 


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What does document.getElementById('btnDownload').click(); trigger? – SLaks May 13 '10 at 0:13

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Make the code wait for the result of the first function.


If the function returns true then run the second function.

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jQuery("#btnDownload").click(function () {

/* to call that anonymous function again, just use the trigger() method */
// jQuery("#btnDownload").trigger("click");

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