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I've a sprite which contains a lot of images. I see the BitBlt only display the position and imageWidth and imageHeight.

If I want to display a bitmap but only from Width[24] to Width[48] not from the beginning of that bitmap

Thanks for reading this :)

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Here is the BitBlt signature:

BOOL BitBlt(
  __in  HDC hdcDest,
  __in  int nXDest,
  __in  int nYDest,
  __in  int nWidth,
  __in  int nHeight,
  __in  HDC hdcSrc,
  __in  int nXSrc,
  __in  int nYSrc,
  __in  DWORD dwRop

To copy only part of the source onto your destination DC, you would use nXSrc = 24 and nWidth = 24 (to match your example of copying from columns 24 through 48).

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It's really stupid that I've implemented this but I didn't realize it's changed :) . Anyway thanks –  nXqd May 13 '10 at 3:31

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