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I have a rather complex decorator written by someone else. What I want to do is call a decorated version of the function one time based on a descision or call the original function (not decorated) another time. Is this possible?

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A decorator is just a function which takes a function as an argument and returns another one. The @ syntax is totally optional. Perhaps a sift through some documentation might help clarify things.

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Link is broken :( –  xi_ Sep 19 at 14:48
def original_function():

decorated_function= decorator(original_function)

if use_decorated:

Decorate only once, and afterwards choose which version to call.

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Here is the recipe I came up with for the problem. I also needed to keep the signatures the same so I used the decorator module but you could re-jig to avoid that. Basically, the trick was to add an attribute to the function. The 'original' function is unbound so you need to pass in a 'self' as the first parameter so I added some extra code to check for that too.

from decorator import decorator, update_wrapper

class mustbe : pass

def wrapper ( interface_ ) :
    print "inside hhh"
    def call ( func, self, *args, **kwargs ) :
        print "decorated"
        print "calling %s.%s with args %s, %s" % (self, func.__name__, args, kwargs)
        return interface_ ( self, *args, **kwargs )
    def original ( instance , *args, **kwargs ) :
        if not isinstance ( instance, mustbe ) :
            raise TypeError, "Only use this decorator on children of mustbe"
        return interface_ ( instance, *args, **kwargs )
    call = decorator ( call, interface_ )
    call.original = update_wrapper ( original, call )
    return call

class CCC ( mustbe ):
    var = "class var"
    def foo ( self, param ) :
        print self.var, param

class SSS ( CCC ) :
  @wrapper ( hidden_=True )
  def bar ( self, a, b, c ) :
    print a, b, c

if __name__ == "__main__" :
    from inspect import getargspec

    print ">>> i=CCC()"

    print ">>> i.var = 'parrot'"
    i.var = 'parrot'

    print ">>>"

    print ">>> getargspec("
    print getargspec(

    print ">>>"

    print ">>>"

    print ">>> getargspec("
    print getargspec(

    print ">>>,42)",42)

    print ">>> j=SSS()"

    print ">>>,2,3)",2,3)
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