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I want to extract only the files inside a folder of a tar file


Contents of tar file: /home/parent_dir/child_dir/

I want to extract only the files inside child_dir to another directory

Thanks, SB

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cd <another_directory>
tar xvf <path_to_tar>/<tarfile>.tar <child_dir>
cd <parent_directory>
tar cvf test.tar *
tar tf test.tar
see the folder you wanted. e.g. src/org
cd <some other directory you want to extract to>
tar xvf ..\test.tar src/org
you'll now see the directory you were after from the tar e.g. src/org

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The command

tar xf tarfile.tar /home/parent_dir/child_dir

will only extract files in child_dir and its subordinates.

If /home/parent_dir/child_dir is not where you want them to be, GNU tar provides a --transform option that would be used like:

tar  --transform 's,/home/parent_dir/child_dir,foo,' --show-transformed -xf tarfile.tar

which will put the files that would have gone into /home/parent_dir/child_dir into ./foo instead.

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