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See title. Reflection.Emit seems to be more about creating a new dynamic assembly, not for loading an exisitng assembly and inspecting its IL.

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Common Compiler Infrastructure

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+1 Will download and try. –  Ash May 13 '10 at 3:22
Played around with it a bit, very good. I can iterate through specific operations very easily using the sample code. Thanks. –  Ash May 13 '10 at 23:06

Reflector does this, and last time I checked, Reflector could still inspect (i.e. disassemble) itself this way, so it will show you exactly how it works.

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Does is provide an automation API or something? As I said in the title I talking programmatically. I don;t have the time currently to disassemble reflector. –  Ash May 13 '10 at 2:29
Some possible options here: stackoverflow.com/questions/2425973/… –  Robert Harvey May 13 '10 at 2:32
CCI has libraries that you can use to achieve what you want. I have the link in my answer above. –  Srikar Doddi May 13 '10 at 3:18
@Code: Yeah, we see it. But thanks for pointing it out to us again anyway. –  Robert Harvey May 13 '10 at 3:25

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