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I'm trying out Scons by setting up a basic C++ sample project that has two sub-projects:

  • Prj1 is an EXE that depends on Prj2
  • Prj2 is a DLL that exports some functions

You can see the directory structure and the contents of my SConstruct and SConscript files here


The problem I'm running into is that in order to build these targets from the command line I have to specify both the relative path to their build directory and their platform specific file extensions.

For example, to build Prj1 I have to do:

build> scons ../bin/project1.exe

Likewise, to build Prj2 I have to do:

build> scons ../bin/project2.dll


How can I make SCons build these projects without specifying the relative path and platform specific file extension?


build> scons project1 
build> scons project2

Potential Solutions

  • Use Alias - I'm pretty sure this is what I want but I'm messing something up apparently. I've tried the following without success:

prj1_env.Alias( 'project1', PROG)
prj1_env.Alias( 'project1', os.path.join( BIN_DIR, PROG) )


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If I remember from the other question PROG does not have the .exe on it. Try adding that in the second case. – grieve Nov 11 '08 at 23:14
That is correct, PROG does not have the .exe on it. However, this is intentional and recommended by the Program function because adding the extension is platform specific and will therefore not support cross-platform work. I know I could put in platform detection, but SCons can do it for you. – Zach Burlingame Nov 11 '08 at 23:54
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Moving this to an answer instead of a comment. :)


Alias needs an actual target as its second argument. I think the issue is that "project1" (the value of PROG) is not an actual target. An easy way to correct this is the following. Make PrefixProgram return a value:

def PrefixProgram(env, outdir, trgt, srcs):
    return env.Program(target = os.path.join(outdir, trgt), source = srcs)


target = PrefixProgram( prj1_env, BIN_DIR, PROG, SOURCES )
prj1_env.Alias("project1", target)

You can of course just do this:

prj1_env.Alias("project1", PrefixProgram( prj1_env, BIN_DIR, PROG, SOURCES ))

But I think the first way is easier to understand.

I hope this helps.

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Sweet. I had just figured this out about 20mins ago and was going to write up the answer after lunch. I did it exactly the way you described in the first way and it worked like a charm. Thanks for the help! – Zach Burlingame Nov 12 '08 at 18:18

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