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I have an issue with the DotNetOpenAuth sample projects. I have Visual Studio 2008, with MVC1 installed, yet when i try open the samples.sln the 2 MVC projects fail to load, giving the error:

"Project type not supported"

Is there additional requirements other than VS an MVC?

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Ok after posting that question i found a general answer on another SO question that worked for me in this specific case.

Changing the GUID's in the project file allowed teh projects to be loaded as part of the solution. No idea why - don't care cos it works :)

Just posted this answer in case someone else has the issue in DotnetOpenAuth.

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This is because the latest versions of the samples use the ASP.NET MVC 2 GUIDs, since MVC 2 is officially released and available for VS2008. As you say, it can be downgraded easily enough. But you might consider installing the MVC 2 project system on VS2008 – Andrew Arnott May 13 '10 at 5:37

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