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What happens if the browser receives a redirect response to an ajax request?

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why best answer not chosen?? –  Subin Jacob Nov 4 '13 at 6:41

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What happens if the browser receives a redirect response to an ajax request?

If the server sends a redirect (aka a 302 response plus a Location: header) the redirect is automatically followed by the browser. The response to the second request (assuming it also isn't another redirect) is what is exposed to your program.

In fact, you don't have the ability to detect whether a 302 response has occurred. If the 302 redirect leads to a 200, then your program acts identically as if the original request led directly to a 200.

This has been both my experience and the behavior called out in the spec.

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Interestingly, I arrived at this because I am experiencing a situation where the redirect is apparently not being followed... this happens when the redirect violates same origin policy. –  Gus May 22 '13 at 0:32
@Gus which is probably logical –  Dmitry Nov 22 '13 at 19:43
What is supposed to happen if the redirect leads to a 401 instead of a 200? I seem to be running into that issue and getting errors with jQuery, so I am trying to figure out exactly what the brower/JS is supposed to be doing. –  Eric B. Jan 14 at 18:27
In the case of a redirect to a 401 (or any 4xx or 5xx error) I'd assume your program would behave as if the request led directly to a 401. Is that not what you're seeing? –  greim Jan 15 at 22:16
there MOST be a work around for this ... –  code4jhon Jul 18 at 1:00

The ajax-request will follow that redirect afaik. The actual content (.responseText, .responseXML) will be the content from the page you are redirected to.

You might be able to intercept the redirect (status-code, location-header) on readyState 2 or 3, but not sure about it.

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