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I'm working on getting FluentValidation working with Castle Windsor. I already have a wrapper around Castle Windsor. Here is the code for that:

public class ResolveType  
    private static IWindsorContainer _windsorContainer;  

    public static void Initialize( IWindsorContainer windsorContainer )  
        _windsorContainer = windsorContainer;  

    public static T Of<T>()  
        return _windsorContainer.Resolve<T>();  

I am trying to build the FluentValidation factory as is explained at

The article uses StructureMap, but I thought I could adapt it to Castle Windsor like this:

public class CastleWindsorValidatorFactory : ValidatorFactoryBase

    public override IValidator CreateInstance( Type validatorType)
        return ResolveType.Of<validatorType>();

Notice, I'm just trying to call into my wrapper so that Windsor can resolve the type reference.

The problem is that this doesn't compile. I get 'The type or namespace name 'validatorType' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)'

How can I make this work?

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Add this method to your ResolveType class:

public static object Of(Type type) {
  return _windsorContainer.Resolve(type);

Then in your CastleWindsorValidatorFactory:

public class CastleWindsorValidatorFactory : ValidatorFactoryBase {
    public override IValidator CreateInstance(Type validatorType) {
        return ResolveType.Of(validatorType) as IValidator;
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