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I am trying to create a thin line under a nav bar to follow the mouse but am having trouble getting to set the width of the element.

Here is what I have:

var linewidth = e.pageX;

Can anyone tell me why this is not setting the width of #line

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$('#test').mousemove(function(e){ // notice the e...
    var $linewidth = e.pageX; //notice also $linewidth
                             // I removed some extra brackets here        
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Does the linewidth variable need to be prefixed with "$"? I know that PHP variables need it, but I thought Javascript variables could be just linewidth alone. – Lucanos May 13 '10 at 6:39
in php $ is required... in JS its just a valid variable... you may or may not put $... for me, putting $s in my variables would just mean it's a jQuery variable... – Reigel May 13 '10 at 6:51

This will follow the mouse across the whole page:

    $("#line").width( e.pageX);

If you are just watching '#test', you will only track the cursor when it is over that element.

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