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i have an Datagrid lets say i have columns with name, age, mail ID. so all the details should be shown in a pop up or some thing like side also will do.

is there any thing like an slide control so that once i make a mouse over the row i display that row values in silde?

i need to show an pop up with details what i have displayed in that row.

how can i achive this functionality here. right now binding values to datagrid is done this functioanlity is done. how can i go ahead to get an solution to show pop up on mouse over. any help on this issue would be really great and help fully. i am new to silver light concept

plz provide an solution on this.

thanks in advance


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check this links you might get some solution



if you got some solution tick my answer and raise my point.thanks

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hi , i am looking for an solution in silverlight –  happysmile May 13 '10 at 12:15

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