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I am adding custom attributes to my HTMLtags something like

<li customeId="1">

I am to access this custom attribute in IE but in firefox, I am not able to get the values of these attributes. Any suggestion on how to access custom attribute in FireFox or any other way. I am using HTML 4 for development.

Code to access:

  var test =  licollection[index].customeId;

Thanks Ashwani

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How are you trying to access the attribute? Add the code, so we can see what you are doing. – Oded May 13 '10 at 6:13
You aren't using HTML 4. You are using tag soup. HTML 4 doesn't support custom attributes. – Quentin May 13 '10 at 7:46
@David, then is there any other way to associate some properties with a tag in HTML 4? – Ashwani K May 13 '10 at 8:39
Existing attributes. A script element containing some data (e.g. `var foo = { element_id: [1,2,3], other_element: [4,5,6] };). Text content. – Quentin May 13 '10 at 8:45
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Hopefully below code will be helpful for you.

<div id="navigation">
  <li customerId="1"></li>
  <li customerId="2"></li>
  <li customerId="3"></li>
var x = document.getElementById('navigation');
if (!x) return;
var liCollections = x.getElementsByTagName('li');
for (var i=0;i<liCollections.length;i++)
   alert(liCollections[i].getAttribute('customerid', 0));

It's clear enough, and you can understand it easily.

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You can use HTML 5 custom data attribute functionality, it may helps you

Attribute Name

The data attribute name must be at least one character long and must be prefixed with 'data-'. It should not contain any uppercase letters.

Attribute Value

The attribute value can be any string.

Example :-

<ul id="vegetable-seeds">
  <li data-spacing="10cm" data-sowing-time="March to June">Carrots</li>
  <li data-spacing="30cm" data-sowing-time="February to March">Celery</li>
  <li data-spacing="3cm" data-sowing-time="March to September">Radishes</li>
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Did you try this?

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var test = licollection[index].getAttribute("customeId");
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