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I just want to let watir attach to an embedded browser and control it. I found this topic and read all that reference. It seems someone has solved this problem, but I can't get it to work yet. I can't understand all those details.

My problem is that, in an Eclipse RCP program, I use SWT OLE to create a browser:

OleFrame frame = new OleFrame(parent, SWT.NONE);
OleClientSite client = new OleClientSite(frame,SWT.NONE,"Shell.Explorer.2");
OleAutomation oa = new OleAutomation(client);
Variant str = new Variant(“");
oa.invoke(104, new Variant[]{str});

Then I want to use watir to control it.

My questions are:

  1. That browser instant is a embedded browser here?
  2. Could watir be used as I has described?

this is a thread says he has solved this problem

and this pulling all information together

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