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I'm trying to create an empty list which will have as many elements as there are num.of.walkers. I then try to append, to each created element, a new sub-list (length of new sub-list corresponds to a value in a.

When I fiddle around in R everything goes smooth:

list.of.dist[[1]] <- vector("list", a[1])
list.of.dist[[2]] <- vector("list", a[2])
list.of.dist[[3]] <- vector("list", a[3])
list.of.dist[[4]] <- vector("list", a[4])

I then try to write a function. Here is my feeble attempt that results in an error. Can someone chip in what am I doing wrong?

countNumberOfWalks <- function(walk.df) {
    list.of.walkers <- sort(unique(walk.df$label))
    num.of.walkers <- length(unique(walk.df$label))

    #Pre-allocate objects for further manipulation
    list.of.dist <- vector("list", num.of.walkers)
    a <- c()

    # Count the number of walks per walker.
    for (i in list.of.walkers) {
        a[i] <- nrow(walk.df[walk.df$label == i,])
    a <- as.vector(a)

    # Add a sublist (length = number of walks) for each walker.
    for (i in i:num.of.walkers) {
        list.of.dist[[i]] <- vector("list", a[i])

> num.of.walks.per.walker <- countNumberOfWalks(walk.df)
Error in vector("list", a[i]) : vector size cannot be NA
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Assuming 'walk.df' is something like:

walk.df <- data.frame(label=sample(1:10,100,T),var2=1:100)


countNumberOfWalks <- function(walk.df) {
    list.of.walkers <- sort(unique(walk.df$label))
    num.of.walkers <- length(unique(walk.df$label))

    list.of.dist <- vector("list", num.of.walkers)

    for (i in 1:num.of.walkers) {
        list.of.dist[[i]] <- vector("list", 
        nrow(walk.df[walk.df$label == list.of.walkers[i],]))}


Will achieve what you're after.

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Use of length() in the for() loop should be replaced with nrow(), but other than that - perfect! – Roman Luštrik May 13 '10 at 8:09
I'm curious why my solution didn't work, does anyone know? To answer your question regarding the soundness of creating a list of lists - I want to pre-allocate an empty list which will be used to accommodate RasterLayer objects. I think this is a bit more elegant than creating objects with deparse(). – Roman Luštrik May 13 '10 at 8:11
@romunov. Ok fair enough. – wkmor1 May 13 '10 at 9:37
Short answer as to why your original function didn't work: In the first 'for' loop you were trying to assign values to elements of 'a', which wasn't working because 'a' had no elements. – wkmor1 May 13 '10 at 9:40

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