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I would like to learn Computer Graphics and be good for my career but the only thing i know is python programming. where should i start and go next? Im also studying from home.

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I suggest you read up on linear algebra which is very useful when dealing with computer graphics and specially 3D graphics.

Here is a video course from MIT (1999), covers probably more than you need though.

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Some Vector Calculus helps too. –  Alex Budovski May 13 '10 at 8:21

I would suggest you have a look at www.scratchapixel.com. It's an amazing website which is fully dedicated to teaching 3D programming techniques (using c++). And the site is totally free.

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The definitive starting point for OpenGL is NeHe. Originally, the tutorial sample code was written in C, but the principles are the same, and the Python bindings for OpenGL looks very much like the original C-based API.

If you ever want to do anything near "production quality" I would suggest either switching to C or C++, or using a more high level realtime graphics library/game engine (some even have Python bindings). Preferably the latter.

However, I disagree with many of the comments here that Python is not a good choice for learning realtime graphics. The principles are the same, and Python is simply beautiful for trying out new concepts.

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You might want to learn using C++/SDL, it's a quite powerful combination. Sourceforge hosts many game projects, which could provide you with useful examples in many languages.

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Get acquainted with C++, and start reading "Computer Graphics using OpenGL" by Francis Hill. Also check list of recommended books on opengl.org . get OpenGL programming guide. This should get you started.

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Do you think "Fundermentals of computer graphics by peter shirley" is a good book to start with ? –  jgt May 17 '10 at 8:00
@jgt: I haven't read "fundamentals", so I have nothing to say about it. But Francis Hill's "Computer Graphics using OpenGL" book (the one I mentioned) covers some pretty low level stuff - it explains how to write a raytracer, for example, so it is definitely a "Must Have" one. –  SigTerm May 17 '10 at 8:50
Thanks Guys your time and help is invaluable. –  jgt May 19 '10 at 13:00

Though I haven't done graphics programming in anything other than C or C++, I believe Python is a good language for beginners, and if you have a quick way to getting down to drawing pixels in a Window using Python, get on with it.

Get yourself any one of the standard Graphics text books. You may try Hern & Baker, or Foley-Van Dam, and of course you have the Internet and online forums.

Start following this course MIT OCW 6.837 Graphics Fall 2003, do the assignments, write code, and keep going back to your text books and basics.

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I would recommend to have a look at scratchapixel.com

It's a website written by people working in the game and film industry, and the content of this website is completely free. It's one of the best resources I've found on the web.

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I really recommend using C/C++ if you going to work with graphices . because it's compiled language and that means it's much faster .

MIT OpenCourse is a good place to start learning C/C++ .

I also recommend you to get a book called Computer Graphices using Open GL 3rd edition for F.S.Hill it's kind expensive but you will never regret it .

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