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I've noticed, using visual studio 2003, that I can "comment out" my comments to make them no longer be comments. This one needs an example:

If I have:

int commented_out = 0;

I can comment out the /* and */ with // and code within the /* and */ is no longer "commented out" (the text changes to non-comment color and the compiler treats it as code once again). Like so:

int commented_out = 0;

I've found this is true for msvc 2003, is this normal C++ behavior or is it just a fluke that works with this compiler?

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If you comment out the comments, what else would you expect? – CheGueVerra Nov 11 '08 at 23:39
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Yep, this is perfectly normal behavior. The C++ standard says that a /* is the start of a comment block only if it itself is not commented out. I often use what you've written above to comment or uncomment a block of code by adding/deleting one character. A nice little trick for switching between two blocks of code, one of which is always commented out is:

code block 1 (uncommented)
code block 2 (commented)

Now, delete one slash from the start, and it becomes

code block 1 (commented)
code block 2 (uncommented)

Not something to use in production code, but very useful for quick debugging changes.

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Hadn't thought of that before. That's great. – Adam Jaskiewicz Nov 11 '08 at 23:55
cool trick! thanks! – CodingWithSpike Nov 12 '08 at 1:06

It should work in any compiler as the // is encountered first in the input stream.

I tend to use #if 0 for this sort of stuff and change it to #if 1 to uncomment, shown here:

#if 0
    int commented_out = 0;

Then I don't have to worry about comment markers at all.

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Actually this works in almost any language with C style block comments.

int foo = 0;
int foo = 1;

or even XML comments


unfortunately I'm drawing a blank on lua's lightsaber comments

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