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I'm trying to make a custom dialog to show a view in this dialog. This is the Builder code:

//Getting the layout
LayoutInflater inflater = (LayoutInflater) getSystemService(LAYOUT_INFLATER_SERVICE);
View layout = inflater.inflate(R.layout.custom_dialog_simple,
                               (ViewGroup) findViewById(R.id.rlDialogSimple));

//Change Text and on click
TextView tvDialogSimple = (TextView) layout.findViewById(R.id.tvDialogSimple);
Button btDialogSimple = (Button) layout.findViewById(R.id.btDialogSimple);
btDialogSimple.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {

    public void onClick(View v) {
        //Do some stuff

        //Here i want to close the dialog

AlertDialog.Builder builder = new AlertDialog.Builder(AcPanelEditor.this);
AlertDialog alert = builder.create();

So, i want to dismiss the dialog in the onClick of btDialogSimple. How i can do it? I don't know how to call the dismiss method from inside a onclicklistener.

My buttons have a custom layout, so i don't want to make a builder.setPositiveButton.

Any ideas?

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Great question! This is exactly the way is seems that it should work. But of course, it doesn't--that'd just be easy! (not the Android Way). – Scott Biggs Nov 7 '12 at 5:58
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You have to save the AlertDialog to your parent class property, then use something like this:

class parentClass ........ {
private AlertDialog alert=null;
public void onClick(View v) {
        //Do some stuff

        //Here i want to close the dialog
        if (parentClass.this.alert!=null)            
this.alert = builder.create();


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That worked, thanks! – YaW May 13 '10 at 11:45
Thanks a lot!!! – davs Jul 27 '10 at 13:00
Works for me, too. But since I have a custom dialog built as an xml file, I don't need to Build it, just use setContentView(custom_dialog). – Scott Biggs Nov 7 '12 at 6:14
@pentium10... I am getting same issue but it doesn't work for me – Dilshad Oct 26 '13 at 16:29

I think a better way may be to call


Wouldn't making the AlertDialog a class property defeat the purpose of returning a Dialog from the onCreateDialog()?

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How does this work with a custom dialog? – Scott Biggs Nov 7 '12 at 6:08

ı am using

public  Dialog dialog;

buton_sil.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {

            @ Override
            public void onClick(View v) {


public void DialogClose() {
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Use AlertDialog instance e.g. mAlertDialog as a global variable. And call mAlertDialog.dismiss(); inside onClick()

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