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I'd like to add path to the openMPI library headers. So, after i found all openMPI headers are in /usr/lib/openmpi/include/* i added these two lines to my .emacs:

(semantic-add-system-include "/usr/lib/openmpi/include" 'c-mode)
(semantic-add-system-include "/usr/lib/openmpi/include" 'c++-mode)

I think this is ok, but it's not working!
This is the result of semantic-c-describe-envirnoment command:

This file's system include path is:

Can't figure out what's wrong or what i'm missing


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I have no explanation as to why it doesn't work. Since I had the same problem, experimenting I found a fix that worked for me:

(defun my-semantic-hook ()
  (semantic-add-system-include "/usr/lib/openmpi/include" 'c-mode)
  (semantic-add-system-include "/usr/lib/openmpi/include" 'c++-mode))
(add-hook 'semantic-init-hooks 'my-semantic-hook)
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Just to chime in, this is STILL the only way to get this to work. – Edgar Aroutiounian Oct 10 '14 at 5:12

I've given this example a try, and find that it "works for me". Your best bet is to join the cedet-devel mailing list where it will be easier to help your through the process of debugging the issue in your Emacs.

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Thanks! I had the same problem and your solution worked for me! – Kenet Jervet May 7 '14 at 4:11

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