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Are there any great plugins out there for Eclipse, either free or otherwise?

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Run-Jetty-Run : Running a web application in Eclipse should be as simple as ‘clicking run’. – Snehal Masne Aug 3 '15 at 13:43

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I have found the multi clipboard plugin very useful. The Aptana plugin, and their RadRails plugin have also helped me with my Ruby on Rails work.

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The free CLCL application for Windows gives you multi clipboard for the whole OS. JumpCut is a similar applicatoin for Mac. – Jason Gritman Sep 1 '09 at 19:11

JInto is a very useful plugin for Eclipse if you often need to edit .properties files in multiple languages. It spares you a bunch of copy/paste.

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I can no longer live without the Extended VS Presentation plugin and the GotoFile plugin saves an awful lot of time for me.

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The GotoFile plugin functionality can be done natively with Ctrl-Shift-R – Ghosty Sep 29 '09 at 14:30

FontSizeButtons, one-click to change font size

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For developing JSF 1.2, JSF 2.0, Struts, Seam, EJB, Hibernate, jBPM, ESB, web services, and portal applications faster than ever you can use Jboss Tools

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There are some great recommendations here already. Let me just add a few to the list.

  • Check out ANTLR for embedding mini-language programming in your app.
  • UMLet is great for lightweight UML modeling. If you are a heavyweight modeler, then go with EMT.
  • PHPEclipse is cool if you are mostly into Java but just do a little PHP on the side. If you are a fulltime PHP coder, then go with PDT.
  • jBPM is pretty nice for workflow engineering.
  • No one here has mentioned Google yet. They have a pretty good plugin for GWT and GAE.
  • I am also a big fan of subclipse and m2eclipse.
  • Mylyn is great but not without a connector and a back end. Trac is pretty popular these days and very easy to install and set up.

For more advise on Eclipse plugins and plugin management, check out http://www.dynamicalsoftware.com/intro/plugins/eclipse

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Try JAutoDoc for Generating comments Automatically, it works good, you can change the comment templates also

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  • Eclipse Marketplace Client - for finding/installing other plugins, essential in the age of android/firefox/apple/etc.. markets
  • the (TPTP) killer profiler: YourKit
  • source code management, advanced queries: Semmle
  • I also think AnyEdit tools are great (eg. compare clipboard with selection for diffing 2 methods, convert tabs, export working sets, etc..), and anything this guy is doing
  • just found this cool Emacs+ plugin
  • Dynamic Working Sets plugin: handy if you have lots of projects and you want automatically group them using name patterns, etc.
  • Mylyn: Helps keeping related stuff closely managed and its connectors, I'm using the one for Bugzilla, Redmine, Jenkins/Hudson (this one is really promising: see build history in view, clicking on a test failure on server opens editor with related code) .
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Qt Cross-Platform Application Framework

Qt is a cross-platform application framework for desktop and embedded development. It includes an intuitive API and a rich C++ class library, integrated tools for GUI development and internationalization, and support for Java™ and C++ development

They have a plug-in for Eclipse that is free of charge.

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I like the C/C++ extension. It's in one of the standard extension repositories that comes with Eclipse, but I find it handy as I use Eclipse for all application development. (As a side note, I use Aptana for my web development, but I'm thinking about migrating that over to Eclipse proper.)

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If you use Ruby, RDT is a very nice addon.

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It's glitchy, it's better to use NetBeans with Ruby plugin or Aptana studio in the form of plugin. – Lavir the Whiolet Oct 26 '10 at 16:48

SQL Explorer is one of the most frequently used plug-in in my installation. It doesn't handle auotmatic DML and it's not possible to kill a query. But for what works it's just what I need.

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Working with Visual Dataflex, the Visual DataFlex Tools for Eclipse plugin is a must!

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Enerjy to spot bugs before they happen. And it gives a score for you project and packages.

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I like Javascript plugin. Extremely useful when we have lot of WebDev and AJAX related Javascript code.

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  • Eclim is awesome if you're into vim: http://eclim.org/ - it simply adds a new perspective and lets you switch between vim or emacs and eclipse smoothly
  • http://www.sable.mcgill.ca/soot/ - soot. Is for analyzing JNI any byte-code stuff. Pretty slick.

I'm always looking for stuff that does code visualization, like function graphs or anything. Please write me PM if you find something awesome ;)

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Remote System Explorer (RSE)

I use this pluging whenever I need to work with a remote system. Supports FTP, SFTP, SSH terminals, etc.

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If you want to develop GUIs based on AWT, SWT or Swing I recommend the VisualEditor. It takes a few hours to get used to it but it's worth it. I usually develop about 90% of the GUI using this tools with a few clicks and the remaining 10% by manually modifying the generated source code.

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Dali persistence tools for creating pojos/entity beans from tables and vice versa

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One can try my plugin which is useful in spring bases apps and had nice template mechanism. http://fast-code.sourceforge.net/

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SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) - it's much more powerful than Spring IDE (Spring IDE is subset of STS). You can download whole STS suite or install STS plugin to your Eclipse.

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