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I've seen a lot of questions regarding this error in PHP. But everywhere the solution is given as to set the time limit.

But what I want to do is, to detect the error and if it occurs then switch to another course of action. I mean, if my requests exceed my maximum time set, then it should not give an error message and stop but continue executing some other block of codes. How may I achieve that?


I just found this code is a site, can it help?


//open error reporting, the error message is required in this script

//for testing, set maximum execution to 1 second

//turn on output buffering and set callback function


//main program(dead loop)
while (true);

//script completed(impossible)
echo 'Completed!';


 * output callback, execute when end of the request
 * @param string $buffer
 * @return string
function callback($buffer) {
    if (false !== (stripos($buffer,'<b>Fatal error</b>'))) {
        if (false !== (stripos($buffer,'Maximum execution'))) {
            $buffer = 'ycTIN.com , Server Busy';
        } else {
            $buffer = 'ycTIN.com , Server Internal Error';
    return $buffer;
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4 Answers

This is not easily possible. You could save the current time at the beginning of the script and then call a function which checks the time difference every few lines. This is not very efficient though and it will clutter your code.

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No way using error handler? I mean it shows that it's a Fatal Error.. :-\ –  Bibhas May 13 '10 at 11:03
Fatal Errors cannot be handled by custom error handlers in PHP. –  ThiefMaster May 13 '10 at 14:06
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It can't be done because exceeding your max execution time will result in a fatal error in php

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pcntl_alarm may help if you set it to value smaller than max execution time.

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This interrupts running functions, e.g. database queries. –  ThiefMaster May 13 '10 at 14:07
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I guess no way then. I just set the time limit to infinite. That way it should end sometime.. :)

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