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I would like to ask a few questions to make sure that I understand things.

When creating a web service using tomcat and axis, I create an interface defining the methods that I am going to expose. so far so good. I have a couple more classes as well. I compile my classes (.class files no jars) an store them in WEB-INF\classes ..right?? I hardcode my deploy.wsdd file and by using Admin or AdminClient (axis helper classes) I integrate the deploy.wsdd to the server-config.wsdd file.

everything is working fine.


  1. Is it ok to have classes (.class files) in WEB-INF\classes directory?? should i create a jar or war file and store it somewhere???

  2. I have tried using java2wsdl (giving it the interface.class as input) to produce a wsdl file and then wsdl2java. I did that in order to generate deploy.wsdd file and then integrate it in server-config.wsdd file. The deploy.wsdd file generated is not correct and my service is not working properly. What am i missing here?? is there a different way to generate the deploy.wsdd file?????


Thanx in advance. Theo

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  1. It's perfectly okay to have .class files in WEB-INF/classes, as long as they're in packages. Tomcat doesn't like using the default package.
  2. I'm not sure, because I'm not an Axis fan. This is all a lot easier with Spring "contract first" web services. You aren't tied to Axis if you use it (but you are tied to Spring).
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