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For eg. I have table T1. There are 4 columns in it c1 c2 c3 and c4. I have c1 as id, c2 contains combine name and address. c3 and c4 are empty. There are multiple rows for given id. Let's say there are 10 rows for id=10.

What I want is for all the rows with id=10, I want to read c2, separate values in c2 as name and address and store name in c3 and address in c4.

How can I do this in SQL server 2005/2008?


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UPDATE YourTable
    SET c3=LEFT(c2,CHARINDEX(' ',c2))
       ,c4=RIGHT(c2,LEN(c2)-CHARINDEX(' ',c2))
    WHERE c1=@YourIdValue

In the question, the method to separate values in c2 as name and address is not described, so I just split column c2 based on the first space found. c2='abcd efgh' becomes: c3='abcd', c4='efgh'.

Working sample:

DECLARE @YourTable table (c1 int,c2 varchar(10),c3 varchar(10),c4 varchar(10))
INSERT @YourTable VALUES (1,'aaaa bbbb',null,null)
INSERT @YourTable VALUES (1,'aaa bbb'  ,null,null)
INSERT @YourTable VALUES (1,'aa bb'    ,null,null)
INSERT @YourTable VALUES (1,'a b'      ,null,null)
INSERT @YourTable VALUES (2,'222 333'  ,null,null)
INSERT @YourTable VALUES (2,'aaa bbb'  ,null,null)
INSERT @YourTable VALUES (3,'a b'      ,null,null)

DECLARE @YourIdValue int
SET @YourIdValue=1

UPDATE @YourTable
    SET c3=LEFT(c2,CHARINDEX(' ',c2))
       ,c4=RIGHT(c2,LEN(c2)-CHARINDEX(' ',c2))
    WHERE c1=@YourIdValue

SELECT * FROM @YourTable


c1          c2         c3         c4
----------- ---------- ---------- ----------
1           aaaa bbbb  aaaa       bbbb
1           aaa bbb    aaa        bbb
1           aa bb      aa         bb
1           a b        a          b
2           222 333    NULL       NULL
2           aaa bbb    NULL       NULL
3           a b        NULL       NULL

(7 row(s) affected)
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Thanks a lot KM, I want to apply logic such as: for C2 column read all characters till a number is read; all the values till number goes in c3 and rest till the end goes in c4!! Can you appy this in your above query for me Thanks again in advance! – Kris May 13 '10 at 14:23
Also, if the number is read is earlier in the string thn do nothinig with that row. Like is index of number in below or equal to 6 than do nothing with that row and proceed to next row, else split where there is number in the column c2. – Kris May 13 '10 at 14:37
scope creep, seriously, what else will change? those are the kind of important things to know up front. just write a loop. – KM. May 13 '10 at 14:40
I am completely new to SQL...So I dont know whether any function exists that can identify char is number or not. similar to CHARINDEX! – Kris May 13 '10 at 15:22
You should never combine multiple items into a single column, if you do, you end up with a mess like you are in now. To determine numbers look at ISNUMERIC(), and the LIKE syntax: select 'found it!' where '1' like '[0-9]'. You'll find pulling a number (a group of digits) out of a string is a real pain to do in SQL. I'd look to create a function that you can use. You'll most likely need a WHILE loop in this function. I'd ask a new question about how to pull a number (a group of digits) out of a column for a set of rows. Take that answer and build on it to get the rest of your problem solved – KM. May 13 '10 at 15:32

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