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Is there any way to customize the grey color of the alphabetic section index of a UITableView?

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Since iOS 6.0 it's actually possible to customize the tint color for the section index. The relevant properties are: sectionIndexColor and sectionIndexTrackingBackgroundColor.

iOS 7 added sectionIndexBackgroundColor which specifies the background color for the section index while not being touched.

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It's maybe a bit late but as I had to deal with this problem with iOS 7 I might help you.

From iOS 7 there is a new method called :

@property(nonatomic, retain) UIColor *sectionIndexColor

Now you can set the color to use for the background of the table view’s section index while not being touched.

As a proper code to use with iOS 6 and 7 you could :

self.friendsTableView.sectionIndexTrackingBackgroundColor = [UIColor aColor]; // background color while the index view is being touched
if ([self.friendsTableView respondsToSelector:@selector(sectionIndexBackgroundColor)])
    self.friendsTableView.sectionIndexBackgroundColor = [UIColor aColor]; // background color while the index view is NOT touched at all
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in short: you can change the fontsize and the complete backround (not the rounded one) more isn't possible.

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you can do more actually - see my post: stackoverflow.com/a/10412958/554760 –  Magnus May 2 '12 at 11:39

You should probably use the UITableView's appearance proxy to set these:

[UITableView appearance].sectionIndexColor = [UIColor myTintColor];

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