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I want to set the maximum work item attachment size. From old blogs I have found that it is possible by calling SetMaxAttachmentSize, but the blogs are for older versions of TFS. I have found the new webservice path for TFS 2010.


Unfortunately when I call it like that I receive this error: This request can only be made against a project collection. The (.asmx) file should be located in the project directory (usually _tfs_resources under the application root).

I don't know how to format the call via a browser to target a specific project collection. Any thoughts?

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Apparently SetMaxAttachmentSize web service was not leveraged on TFS 2010 therefore you need to do this programmatically, try running the following code:

TeamFoundationServer tfs = TeamFoundationServerFactory.GetServer(@"http://yourtfsserver:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection");
            ITeamFoundationRegistry rw = tfs.GetService<ITeamFoundationRegistry>();
            RegistryEntryCollection rc = rw.ReadEntries(@"/Service/WorkItemTracking/Settings/MaxAttachmentSize");
            RegistryEntry re = new RegistryEntry(@"/Service/WorkItemTracking/Settings/MaxAttachmentSize", "20971520");  //20MB
            if (rc.Count != 0)
                re = rc.First();
                re.Value = "20971520";
            rw.WriteEntries(new List<RegistryEntry>() { re });

I hope it works for you

Regards, Randall Rosales

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I have found that this works. It is easier than writing code.

  1. Go to this url replacing <Collection> with your project collection: http://localhost:8080/tfs/<Collection>/WorkItemTracking/v1.0/ConfigurationSettingsService.asmx
  2. Choose SetMaxAttachmentSize

You can test to make sure you set it correctly by going to the same url above and then selecting GetMaxAttachmentSize.

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