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Whatever string is given I have to see if there is exactly one space after and before =, If it is more than one space in either side I have to reduce that to one and if there is none, I have to insert one.

How should I do that ? String can contain anything.


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Good answers below. You might also considering using /\s*=\s*/gm in case you want all whitespace characters to be converted to single space characters in your expression –  Robusto May 13 '10 at 15:37
Thanks all, all the answers are right. Can give only one answer the right sign :( –  Bipul May 13 '10 at 16:27

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You can do this:

str = str.replace(/ *= */g, " = ");

This will replace all = characters regardless of how many spaces it is surrounded by. The * quantifier will match as most spaces as possible while allowing even no spaces at all.

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Try this:

var out = in.replace(/ *= */g, " = ");

Basically just replace zero or more instances of a space with a space and you get both desired results. If zero, then you get one. If more than one, you get one.

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Make the following replacement:

s = s.replace(/ *= */g, ' = ')
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myString.replace(/\s*=\s*/g, " = ")

will do the same as other given answers, but allow any type of space characters to be replaced (spaces, tabs, etc.).

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