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I've been trying to find official requirements for Silverlight 4.0, but can't seem to find anything.

What I want to know is if VS2008 supports Silverlight 4.0, or if I need to upgrade to VS2010.

The only mention I could find was on this Silverlight forum:

Does anyone know of an official link?

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I pretty sure you require Visual Studio 2010 to use Silverlight 4. I was using 3 and had to install VS2010 to use Silverlight 4. There are no SL4 tools in VS2008.

Notice no mention of VS2008:

Link to tools also with no mention or links to alternate downloads:

On the Silverlight forums asking to build SL4 in VS2008:

Also, Microsoft I am sure wants to provide as many reasons as possible to get developers to upgrade to VS2010. Silverlight 4 is one of them.

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You can't use Silverlight 4 with Visual Studio 2008. only mentions Visual Studio 2010

As does the Silverlight page on

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Due to the fact that there was no support for SL4 in VS2008 whilst it was in beta, I don't think it will ever be available.

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