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Which font or fonts should be used while writing code lines inside a book?

I'm especially dealing with C code, but I'd also like to know what fonts are used for the codes of popular programming languages in books.

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I like italic Comic Sans MS – Matti Virkkunen May 13 '10 at 16:21
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Any good fixed-width legible font will do. Courier shows up a lot as many people use it in IDEs on the desktop and tends to be the default style for the <code> tag in HTML.

I tend to use Consolas in IDEs when I can and that might also be a good choice for a book.

If you have a particular book in mind then it is worth checking the near the back cover for a colophon which may detail the fonts.

I happen to have "POSIX Programmer's Guide" in front of me and the colophon says that it uses ITC Garamond for the main text and Courier for the code examples.

Linked: You may also want to read http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4689/recommended-fonts-for-programming

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The question asks for a book font, so arguing that any fixed-width font fits well in a book is definitely wrong. For example, Consolas has a lot of contrast and, AFAIK, you cannot get opticals for it. – Dmitri Nesteruk May 1 '12 at 18:33
@Dmitri Wow, you downvoted me for that? Tough crowd! Courier is used in most of the programming books I have, so I'm pretty sure it has suitable "opticals and contrast", whatever they are (I'm a programmer not a typography expert). I mentioned Consolas because its popularity means that for many it is the modern Courier. I'm sure there are many close equivalents to it with suitable "opticals". – GrahamS May 4 '12 at 10:29

I think if you can read it, it should be a good font. Maybe have a mix of fonts like a times new roman or arial for general explanations but when showing actual code put a sans serif font with the code indented or separated from the rest. If it is a different font from the rest of the it should be easy to see. Also I would not suggest anything too italicized or cursive. just think about what you enjoy reading and how it looks,


also you can look here for different programming fonts. or use a search engine to find good readable font. Normally anything with sans serif is a good choice because it doesn't detract the eyes too much from the code.

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Use same font as most would on screen and IDE

Usually that's monospace, sans-serif, with legible 1/l/I and O/0.

Plus points for good bold (keywords), italic (comments), embedded bitmaps and scalable version that looks similar to small sizes.

If it's a printed book you want a font that scales, not a bitmap.

If it's online in html, you want something browsers already have.

Please don't use anything fancy, and never ever ever serifs!

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