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Is there any way I can copy one pom.xml dependencies into other pom.xml

Update: Well, I have project A and Project B.

Project B is using some dependencies ( like Junit.jar, commons-httpclient, commons-collections, struts)

In the Project A : I would like to copy all project B dependencies in some out folder

This I can specify manually all dependencies jars of Project B in Project A but I would like to do automatically some script in Project A pom.xml.

Note: I don't want to build the project B in Project A pom.xml , I am building Project B separately

Does this make any sense?

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can you elaborate on the relationship between the two maven projects? – Hans Westerbeek May 13 '10 at 16:21
I've merged your multiple accounts together. Please read this Faq entry about cookie-based accounts. Also, StackOverflow isn't a forum; if you have a new question, please ask a new question. If you want to include more information in your question, please edit it. If you want to interact with one of the people who has answered, you can leave them a comment. – Will Apr 4 '11 at 14:00

If I understand well what you mean, keep only the dependencies in project B pom.xml. If you need something else in this pom, create another directory level B1, and push every other elements in it. Then makes B pom.xml a pom packaging with one module:B1.

Then you can make project B pom.xml the parent of project A pom.xml. A will inherit dependencies from B.

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While I understand the spirit of the question (and only the spirit), the relation between project A and project B is still unclear so I'm not sure of the best way to implement this. Here are the options.

First solution: leverage transitive dependencies. There are some rules about them, but basically, if you declare a dependency on Project B in Project A, you'll get some of its dependencies transitively.

Second solution: use inheritance.

Third option: use another project of type pom to group the dependencies and declare a dependency on this pom.

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I think the maven invoker plugin does pretty much exactly what you need:

Or create a java class using the maven API, programmatically build a maven project and export the dependencies

start here:

read a model:

construct a MavenProject object using the model:

resolve and export the dependencies


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