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I have a Table with over 3000 entries and searching is very slow.

At the moment I am doing just like in the 'TableSearch' example code (but without scopes)

- (BOOL)searchDisplayController:(UISearchDisplayController *)controller shouldReloadTableForSearchString:(NSString *)searchString
    [self filterContentForSearchText: searchString];

    // Return YES to cause the search result table view to be reloaded.
    return YES;

And the filterContentForSearchText method is as follows:

- (void) filterContentForSearchText:(NSString*)searchText
// Update the filtered array based on the search text

// First clear the filtered array.
[filteredListContent removeAllObjects]; 

// Search the main list whose name matches searchText
// add items that match to the filtered array.
if (fetchedResultsController.fetchedObjects)
    for (id object in fetchedResultsController.fetchedObjects)
        NSString* searchTarget = [tableTypeDelegate getStringForSearchFilteringFromObject:object];

        if ([searchTarget rangeOfString:searchText
                options:(NSCaseInsensitiveSearch|NSDiacriticInsensitiveSearch)].location != NSNotFound)
                [filteredListContent addObject:object];

My question is twofold:

  • How do can I make the searching process faster?
  • How can I stop the search from blocking the main thread? i.e. stop it preventing the user from typing more characters.

For the second part, I tried "performSelector:withObject:afterDelay:" and "cancelPreviousPerformRequests..." without much success. I suspect that I will need to use threading instead, but I do not have much experience with it.

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Answer for: "How do can I make the searching process faster?"

It seams that you are using core data results in your table. So it's better let core data do the filtering for you.

So create a new fetchedResultController using a NSPredicate for filtering.

NSPredicate *predicate = [NSPredicate predicateWithFormat:@"name = %@", searchText];
[fetchRequest setPredicate:predicate];

using MATCHES instead of = let you define a regular expression comparison (for a case insensitive compare)

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Yes, this is a good suggestion. – Robert Mar 10 '11 at 20:26
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I ended up doing the searching as a NSOperation, so as not to block the main thread. I also did like Reinhard suggested and used a fetchedResultController.

There is a really good video on NSOperations on the apple developer site. I was called something like Advanced iPhone part 1 if I recall.

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