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This time my setup looks like this: one table with galleries names

CREATE TABLE GalleriesName (
    , gallery_name

and another table with galleries photos

CREATE TABLE GalleriesPhotos (
    , photo_gallery_id
    , photo_name

What I need is to get all the galleries with one random picture for each gallery.

Is it possible to do this with a single query?

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Is it possible to do this with a single query?

Yes it possible. you need to learn to make SUBSELECTS with mysql. Just select a gallery then subselect a random image [ with rand() ] with that gallery ID =)


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Great! Thank you! –  Psyche May 13 '10 at 18:09

It depends how you have setup your tables in terms of relationship of primary key and foreign key. As for random rows, you need to append order by rand() to your query.

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