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what are some good resources to learn about audio manipulation/engineering/programming?

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If you are interested in writing audio effects, these two sites are excellent:

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There are many open source projects like STK, CLAM, SuperCollider and so forth, which provide examples of C++ audio synthesis in their source. Looking at these projects may be helpful, but they are intended for use without needing to know about the underlying algorithms. So to start, I can only think to recommend books:

  • Perry Cook's Real Sound Synthesis goes over the synthesis in physical modeling of instruments and objects.
  • DAFX (Digtal Audio Effects) is a book which is a collection of articles that go over many basic audio effects algorithms (e.g. compressor, noise gate, reverb,) with examples in c.
  • Richard Moore's The Elements of Computer Music goes over audio dsp basics and a different breed of effects used in academic computer music (e.g. time stretching, analysis-resynthesis, FM.) I found it easier to read (since it is targeted at musicians,) but it still goes as far to include c explanations of important algorithms such as the FFT.

I would be interested to hear of some online tutorials/guides for DSP, as I think it is more open than recommending books. Its nice to learn about the Music DSP site from Mark's post, but it seems more advanced as I didn't see something like a guide/tutorial to cover the necessary basics.

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http://electro-music.com/forum/ is a forum where stuff like this is discussed from time to time. Check out some of the forums under DIY. They've just started a wiki with articles like this one:


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The Audio Programming Book was a pretty awesome read/reference! Although there are some typos, etc., it is really extensive and has tons of examples. C & C++.

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I found this website before taking an online course about Digital Signal Processing:



The topic is really well presented and explained, a great primer!

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