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I support Rational clearquest for my company and have been asked to show some of the data in Sharepoint.

I can query the data in Clearquest no problem (Using Toad) but have no idea about how to go displaying it in Sharepoint.

The data I'm querying contains dates and ideally I'd like to be able display it in a sharepoint calendar but list format would do for the moment.

Can anybody offer advice on even where to start?



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Whilst you could do the bare bones approach suggested by Ben there are lots of options that will give you a 'leg up' especially if you are just displaying data.

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You would have to develop a sharepoint "feature" such as a webpart. You could then display retrieve the data from the db and display it however you want. You would basically be developing a component/application but with certain restrictions that sharepoint forces on you. You can read the basic steps here

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