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I'm trying out FreeMarker, not for a web application but to generate text within a desktop application. I'd like to get the text without any linefeeds, however it always appends a linefeed. For example, this would produce "blah blah\n"

<#if docType=1>
blah blah
<#if docType=2>
more blah

Any ideas? Bunching it all into one line works, but is horrible. Thanks.

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See perhaps White-space handling, ftl and compress directives. But you can't suppress all linefeeds.

Another solution : filter the output, and replace \n by " ".

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Thanks - actually I've found you can compress all line feeds. <@compress single_line=true> </@compress> – Will May 14 '10 at 12:20

I would also take a look at t,lt, and rt directives.

Using your example,

<#if docType=1>
blah blah <#t>
<#if docType=2>
more blah<#t> 

Should produce blah blah more blah on a single line

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<@compress single_line=true>...</@compress>

...this will output everything in between the compress tag as one line.

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