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Banging my head off the wall due to this. I'm getting the error at cell[rcell] = repack[counter] even though I have 190 items in the repack array.

        private string csvtogrid(string input)
        input = input.Replace("\r", ",").Substring(2).TrimEnd(',').Trim().Replace("\n", ",").Replace(",,,", ",").Replace(",,",",");
        string[] repack = input.Split(',');
        string[] cell = { };
        int rcell = 1;
        for (int counter = 1; counter < repack.Length; counter++)
            if (rcell < 4)
                cell[rcell] = repack[counter];
            procgrid.Rows.Add(cell[1], cell[2], cell[3]);
            rcell = 1;
        richTextBox1.Text = input;
        return null;
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Your cell array is empty so you can't assign to element cell[rcell], since it doesn't exist.

string[] cell = { };

You should give it a size that is sufficiently large when you initialize it:

string[] cell = new string[4];
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Yep, that was it thank you. Will flag it as the answer once it lets me. Also, I'm trying to throw this into a datagrid but it's only going down one row. –  MWC May 13 '10 at 21:58

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