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I have this small JavaScript code which I need some help with:

function doFocus(text) {
    if (text.value == "Enter Name") {
       text.value = "Student Name -";

All I need here is when someone clicks on my textbox, the text "Student Name -" should change its color, and should text-align = left. I am looking for the appropriate syntax for something like text.color and text.align.

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Assuming text is the DOM element, you may want to try the following:

function doFocus(text) {
   if (text.value === 'Enter Name') {
       text.value = 'Student Name -'; = 'red'; = 'left';

If you are using this to place a watermark in your text field, you may also be interested in checking out the following Stack Overflow post:

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I'd change the style or class attribute to do it in CSS probably.

// JS pseudocode just to get the idea across
var textBox = getTheTextBox();
if (textBox.value == "bla")
    // use JS framework like JQuery to change the css class

I'm guessing for the example you didn't show your JS using JQuery or some other framework, but just in case you haven't got the religion, I'd also suggest using a JS framework such as JQuery to assist in the DOM manipulation.

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maybe add an example css class declaration that sets the properties the OP was asking about... –  davidsleeps Aug 19 '10 at 4:45

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