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I have this table: id,bookmarkID,tagID I want to fetch the top N bookmarkIDs for a given list of tags. Does anyone know a very fast solution for this? the table is quite large(12 million records) I am using MySql

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By doing a "TOP" n records, it typically means you are doing an order by by some key metric, or do you just want to LIMIT the first N number of records. Additionally, what sample of "TAGS" are you looking for. –  DRapp May 13 '10 at 23:56
Could you give more information about the data, such as a table schema? And what do you mean by "top N bookmarksIDs"? –  staticsan May 13 '10 at 23:56
how fast is 'very fast'? also, define top (define sort order). –  Unreason May 14 '10 at 1:07

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Try this :

FROM myTable
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It really depends on how the relational tag to bookmark data is structured. Ideally, each tag is mapped to one or more bookmarks which is essentially a huge reverse index of tags to bookmarks. If that is the case, you can fetch all rows that map tag to bookmark and from that apply a basic scoring function accross your results.

You could probably base it on the lucene scoring algorithm that includes the use/spread of the tag across the entire corpus, the density of tags for a given bookmark and some sort of normalizing factor based on when it was bookmarked.

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I mainly operate in MSSQL but I think something along the lines of this should work out for you:

SELECT bookmarkID
FROM myTable
WHERE tagID in ('tag1,tag2,tag3')

I could be wrong though, please let me know :)

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