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I'm wondering if there is any tools that can extract all variables(both public and static) from a set of C files and then export all referenced variables to a text file.

Thanks in advance.

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That seems like such a specific task that I can't imagine there'd be a general tool that does it... what do you need it for? –  Dean Harding May 14 '10 at 0:09

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Doxygen does this pretty well (here are some examples). ctags does this too but I haven't really played with it much aside from using it in vim. I'm sure the tags file can be made parseable.

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You can try CScope

More info here

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Not sure this will help you but that would be easy to do with Cil from http://www.eecs.berkeley.edu/~necula/cil/index.html the problem is you will need to learn OCaml to use it. (Some people might consider that a feature.)

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The Unix nm(1) on the binary may be helpful. And I used cxref about 15 years ago.

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