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I have a jQuery UI Button that I'm placing in a jqGrid toolbar but the contents of the button are wrapping. I've tried to prevent the wrapping by using CSS white-space Property to no avail.

Here's a snapshot of what's happening:

alt text

Here are two code snippets of my attempt to fix the problem:

    $("#t_imageList").css("white-space", "nowrap").html('<button>Add</button>');

    $("#t_imageList button").button({
        icons: {primary: 'ui-icon-plus'},
        text: true


$("#t_imageList button").css("white-space", "nowrap").button({
    icons: {primary: 'ui-icon-plus'},
    text: true

Has someone experienced the same issue? If so, what was your solution?

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This is sort of a repeat question:


Actually this is an issue with versions. I was using jquery 1.8 but the 1.7 css files. A simple oversight.

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