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Using a DataView one can specify the binding for controls in XAML for example as follows:

<Image Source="{Binding Thumbnail}" />

I have a control that displays a number of images. I can get this to work with a DataView as the data source for the control, but I want to use a List collection of DataRow objects, which is not not working for me. My data source is:


I could of course convert the List<DataRow> collection to a DataTable and from this obtain a DataView, but I would really like to go straight to the List<DataRow> collection. How would I go about doing the binding in XAML to bind to the "Thumbnail" column of the DataRow's in a List collection.


I only need to be able to read the data one way. I do not need to write back changes to the list collection (plus further clarification above).


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You can do this by using something like as follows:

    <ItemsControl x:Name="RowsContainer" ItemsSource="{Binding Rows}">
                <StackPanel Background="Azure"/>

                    <TextBlock Text="{Binding [0]}" />

Where "{Binding Rows}" refers to the DataRowsCollection collection and {Binding [0]} refers to the first column in the row.

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