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I am not very good at sql , generally I use php to do my complicated tasks , But in this task , there are lots of data , so using php for counting posts is very slow. So I want a sql which counts post by date , but my date column in table is php's time stamp (int).I will crate post number x date chart

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For not knowing SQL you seem to have a decent grasp on the terminology.

Something like this should work:

         COUNT(post_id) AS POST_COUNT
    FROM posts
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Not sure about MySQL, but in postgres you could do something like (for a table named posts with at least the columns id and php_timestamp):

SELECT COUNT(id), php_timestamp - (php_timestamp % 86400) AS base_date
FROM posts
GROUP BY php_timestamp - (php_timestamp % 86400)

Of course, an index on the expression php_timestamp - (php_timestamp % 86400) would be highly recommended (not sure you can create one in MySQL though). This groups by the date in UTC.

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"This groups by the date in UTC" - nothing in your query is related to UTC. – zerkms May 14 '10 at 4:33
Unix time (which PHP uses) counts the number of seconds from UTC 1 Jan 1970. Then I'm rounding to the time of midnight of the nearest day in UTC. – Artefacto May 14 '10 at 13:32

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