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Any see why I'm getting a "Argument 1: cannot convert from 'ToplogyLibrary.RelationshipBase' to 'TRelationship'" in the code below, in CreateRelationship() ?

public class TopologyBase<TKey, TNode, TRelationship>
    where TNode : NodeBase<TKey>, new()
    where TRelationship : RelationshipBase<TKey>, new()
    // Properties
    public Dictionary<TKey, TNode> Nodes { get; private set; }
    public List<TRelationship> Relationships { get; private set; }

    // Constructors
    protected TopologyBase()
        Nodes = new Dictionary<TKey, TNode>();
        Relationships = new List<TRelationship>();

    // Methods
    public TNode CreateNode(TKey key)
        var node = new TNode {Key = key};
        Nodes.Add(node.Key, node);
        return node;

    public void CreateRelationship(TNode parent, TNode child)
        // Validation
        if (!Nodes.ContainsKey(parent.Key) || !Nodes.ContainsKey(child.Key))
            throw new ApplicationException("Can not create relationship as either parent or child was not in the graph: Parent:" + parent.Key + ", Child:" + child.Key);

        // Add Relationship
        var r = new RelationshipBase<TNode>();
        r.Parent = parent;
        r.Child = child;
        Relationships.Add(r);  // *** HERE *** "Argument 1: cannot convert from 'ToplogyLibrary.RelationshipBase<TNode>' to 'TRelationship'" 



public class RelationshipBase<TNode>
    public TNode Parent { get; set; }
    public TNode Child { get; set; }


public class NodeBase<T>
    public T Key { get; set; }

    public NodeBase()

    public NodeBase(T key)
        Key = key;

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With these line:

where TRelationship : RelationshipBase<TNode>, new()

You're not saying that TRelationship = RelationshipBase but TRelationship inherits from a RelationshipBase.

But you can't implicity convert a base class to its descendant.

So, you really need this:




this is enough for you ?

Or maybe looking your code: why don't you change this line:

var r = new RelationshipBase<TNode>();


var r = new TRelationship();


EDIT: as AakashM said I've supposed you meant TNode and not TKey

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thanks -the "var r = new TRelationship();" suggestion worked - I was sure I'd tried this in fact and had an error, but no it seems to work fine – Greg May 14 '10 at 7:11

Your constraint for TRelationship says RelationshipBase<TKey>. Did you perhaps mean it to say RelationshipBase<TNode> ?

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thanks - but this doesn't seem to address the issue – Greg May 14 '10 at 7:04

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