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sorry for answer but how to enable TCP in SQL server 2005 express edition? I used configuration manager, find network configuration/protocols and there enabled TCP, after that I have restarted sql server service and tried installation of problematic software again (software which told me that TCP is not enabled) but I have the same problem :-(

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In Sql Server Configuration Manager.

  1. Sql Server Network Configuration > Protocols for SQLEXPRESS
  2. Select TCP/IP
  3. Protocol Tab, Change Enabled
  4. IP Address Tab, Section IPALL set the TCP Port to 1433
  5. Restart Service.

To verify that it works, go to cmd

> netstat -an

and you will see

TCP               LISTENING

Then try on cmd

> sqlcmd -U sa -S .\sqlexpress,1433

And you will be connected...hope so

*Remember to enable and start the Sql Server Browser Service


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don't understand why I have to provide the port manually, but worked! thx – Bardware Aug 6 '13 at 10:46

You can connect to SQL2005 Express edition over TCP/IP.

Did you open 1433 port on your firewall? Server should accept incoming connections on 1433 port.

After that enable TCP/IP in SQL Server 2005 Surface area configuration utility (see MSSQLSERVER > Database Engine > Local and remote connections > Using TCP/IP only)

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In express edition the TCP support is disabled, although you see the corresponding configuration. Either buy a commercial version of use another RDBMS.

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oh really... I was under impression that it is just disabled as defalt setting but that you can make it enabled... – david May 14 '10 at 8:15

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