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What is the most effective and accurate way to geocode a UK postcode? Using the built in geocode object results in massively blurred results (lots of postcodes returning just a general area).

Are there any free UK postcode geocoding services I can plug into via JavaScript?

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Edit: To be clearer this uses the local search in google search api, not the google maps api to do the geocoding which is much more accurate.

The best way is to use Google Search Api.

If you get an api key and get it all setup: http://code.google.com/apis/ajaxsearch/

var localSearch;
var map;
var icon;
var addressMarkerOptions;
google.load("search", "1");
google.load("maps", "2");

function initialize()
  localSearch = new GlocalSearch();
  icon = new GIcon(G_DEFAULT_ICON);
  addressMarkerOptions = { icon:icon , draggable: false};
  map = new GMap2(document.getElementById("map"));
  map.addControl(new GLargeMapControl());
  map.addControl(new GMapTypeControl());
  plotAddress("OX4 1FJ");

* This takes either a postcode or an address string
function plotAddress(address)
    function() {

      if (localSearch.results[0])
        var resultLat = localSearch.results[0].lat;
        var resultLng = localSearch.results[0].lng;
        var point = new GLatLng(resultLat,resultLng);
        var marker = new GMarker(point, addressMarkerOptions);
        map.setCenter(point, 5, G_NORMAL_MAP);
        alert('address not found');

  localSearch.execute(address + ", UK");
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I think the OP is finding that using the Google maps API yields very hazy results for UK postcodes. I personally have found the API to yield different results for a postcode than the results observed from the google maps website. –  Paul Suart May 14 '10 at 9:35
This isn't using the google maps api to do the geo coding. Its using the local search api which is much more accurate. I'll edit this to be clear. –  johnwards May 14 '10 at 9:44
+1 brilliant, exactly what I was after worked superbly thank you! Are there restrictions on how many requests you can make in one day? I'd used this before but couldn't remember anything about it, but I recall there being a limitation of some kind? Anyway, thanks again, superb! –  joshcomley May 15 '10 at 12:41
No idea on the restrictions, but it will be on the google api site somewhere. –  johnwards May 18 '10 at 14:31
Sadly the search api has been deprecated. –  johnwards Nov 13 '12 at 12:43

Ordnance Survey have made their data free - http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/opendata/ - you could cook up your own web service ;-)

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But postcodes are the property of Royal Mail, not Ordnance Survey. Are you saying you can somehow geocode a postcode using OS data? If so, do you have a link or example? –  NickG Apr 5 '13 at 15:37

I believe Live/Bing/Windows maps' API gives a much more accurate placement for a UK postcode than the Google maps API does.

Alternatively, there are databases of UK postcode data available, although they're quite costly. There are some interesting comments on this post: http://jamiethompson.co.uk/web/2008/07/24/full-uk-postcode-database-for-free/

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Additionally, there's a XML, JSON, JSONP webservice jamiethompson.co.uk/projects/2010/04/30/… The JSONP flavour being ideal for plugging directly into a JavaScript app. –  WibblePoop May 19 '10 at 12:35
Just got a downvote on this answer (4+ years later). I presume the info is no longer accurate. –  Paul Suart Oct 9 '14 at 19:39

This service uses Ordnance Survey data to provide Geocoding of UK postcodes: http://www.uk-postcodes.com/api.

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