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How can I port an application based on OS X to Linux? It is closed source and working in Windows either. It is not wrriten in Objective C and doesn't use Cocoa.

Thank you.

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Maybe you could provide more details about the application. Is it a gui desktop, a daemon, what does it do ? – clyfe May 14 '10 at 10:51
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If you saying that application working in Windows, so the easiest way is to use Wine to get start it on Linux.

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I don't think it being closed source has any effect on porting it to Linux - it's the same anyway.

Just find alternatives to any win32-specific libraries or use a compatibility layer as necessary. Your team may however need to think very carefully about which distros they choose to support.

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There is no easy path if you don't gave the source code as there are few Mac emulators. You might have some luck get OSX to run under a VM but Apple frowns upon that.

In the end it sounds like a ground up rebuild.

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